Why Should Brands Invest in Sheffield Taxi Advertising?

Sheffield offers great opportunities for brands wanting to connect meaningfully with audiences through Out-of-Home campaigns.   

Sheffield is a vibrant city with a lively city centre and home to just under 600,000 people. The city also has two world class universities (Sheffield Hallam and University of Sheffield) and is on the doorstep of scenic trails in the Peak District and the Pennines.

The continuous physical movement generated by moving media, as you get with taxi campaigns, has unique advantages for brands hoping to advertise in Sheffield.

But why is taxi media a particularly promising proposition for brands looking to advertise in Sheffield? Here we delve into reasons brands should invest in Sheffield taxi advertising. 

Benefit from the Broad Reach of Sheffield Taxi Advertising

Taxi media is an outdoor advertising format that offers optimal reach since taxis travel everywhere in cities on a daily basis, further boosting reach. According to Statista, In the second quarter of 2023, 52.32 million unique individuals saw out-of-home ads in Great Britain. 

Choose a taxi campaign in Sheffield, and you will find your brand able to deliver impressions to audiences in all corners of the city. The broad reach and high exposure taxi media provides can make taxi campaigns in Sheffield highly effective.

The high reach of taxi media adds more value to your Sheffield taxi campaigns.

Are you launching a new product soon and thinking about how to make a real impact on audiences through OOH media activities in Sheffield? Get in touch with our expert team at Drovo, we operate taxi campaigns in Sheffield as well as 12 other UK cities. 

Our proprietary live vehicle tracking dashboard (shown in the video below) means our Sheffield taxi advertising campaigns are measurable and accountable for brands.

Use Taxi Media to Supplement Static Media

Adding taxi media to static media, such as posters or billboards, can be a winning marketing mix. 

Billboard advertising helps to pique the interest of audiences and build excitement towards your brand and products/services to an extent. However, branded taxis provide an additional moving media element which truly takes your outdoor media campaigns in Sheffield to the next level.

Why only use static billboards in Sheffield when you combine static billboards with mobile taxi media billboards that move with your audiences?

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Sheffield Taxi Advertising Is an Ideal Solution for Larger and Smaller Brands 

Taxi advertising works for smaller local based brands and larger international ones. 

Local taxi campaigns can be pivotal to creating brand awareness and engagement amongst local audiences in urban areas, like Sheffield. 

International brands can equally further raise their audience impact through taxi advertising in Sheffield, especially given the large number of international students living in the city. 

At Drovo, we offer ‘taxi swarming’ takeovers as an add-on option. A taxi swarm is a pop-up event where 2 or more of your vehicles appear in the same location, ensuring maximum visual impact on audiences. 

With a swarm, you can ensure that your taxi creative is shown to the right audiences for your brand, whether that be specific locations, events, or storefronts. 

With swarms, we can also arrange for VIPs and guests to be delivered to the desired location in a fleet of branded vehicles, boosting impact and creating an exciting PR element. Putting influencers/celebrities/VIPs into a branded taxi raises brand visibility by leveraging their engaged social media following and creating authentic, shareable content.

We have successfully held taxi swarming events for brands such as Paco Rabanne, Rustlers, Hyatt, and Lisa Eldridge. 

Elevate Your Brand Awareness in the Steel City 

Another benefit of investing in taxi advertising in Sheffield is that it gets up and close with audiences as they lead their day-to-day lives, contributing to higher brand awareness. The main reason OOH advertising strategies, such as taxi media, do such a stellar job of raising brand awareness is that they are highly memorable for audiences. 

Today, social media presence is another important factor influencing brand awareness. OOH media campaigns in Sheffield will positively impact your social media presence and engagement. An OOH and social media integration data in a study show that consumers who discover brands via OOH media are 28% more likely to go and research them on social media. 

Connect with Hard to Reach Audiences in Sheffield

Sheffield is a city in the foothills of the Pennines. In other words, it’s a hilly city, and this is something that must be taken into account in transit media campaigns. Why so? Well, a city’s geography affects how outdoor audiences move. 

Fortunately, our taxi media campaigns are able to show branding to hard to reach audiences down narrow streets and on hilly winding roads. On the other hand, other Out-of-Home media formats are unable to access such places and therefore fail to make an impact on hard to reach audiences in Sheffield. 

Achieve Offline to Online Integration in Taxi Campaigns

Digital technology is now making inroads to bridge offline Out-of-Home and online advertising. 

Shadowfencing targets the mobile devices of outdoor audiences within 200m of branded taxis, anonymously delivering complimentary display ads to mobile devices. 

The retargeting element of shadowfencing then continues the conversation with audiences by sending them a series of sequential ads. These ads can also be sent to other types of digital devices, including laptops, tablets, and Connected TVs. In this way, Out-of-Home media can be brought into the home with shadowfencing. 

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