How to Make Maximum Impact on Outdoor Audiences in London

The 9 million residents from 287 different ethnicities and nationalities living in London, as well as the large numbers of visitors every year, make it an ideal city with large audiences for Out-of-Home advertising campaigns.

We explore how to make maximum impact on outdoor audiences in London. 

Leverage Moving Media

One way to make an impact on mass audiences in the capital is through London billboard advertising campaigns. 

Supplement your static media efforts, such as posters and billboards, with moving media. This will enable you to deliver more impressions throughout London. What’s more, OOH media in general offers higher brand message recall with outdoor audiences. 

The latest research from System1 revealed that when OOH media is combined with television campaign assets, brand recall increases x 2. 

Maximise Ad Frequency in Central London 

Central London has high pedestrian and road traffic all year round. Therefore, brands can maximise ad frequency by running transit media campaigns in central London areas. 

Central London is an ideal place to advertise if you are intent on connecting with ABC1 and high-income individuals in your OOH campaigns.

At Drovo, we offer taxi media and on-vehicle screen campaigns in London. Therefore, maximising brand visibility for brands within key areas of the city is something we specialise in. 

We can also offer bespoke outdoor brand activations to help bring an additional PR element to your OOH campaigns in central London. We offer branded taxi swarms and product sampling.

We hired a brand ambassador for Paco Rabanne to help them launch their new perfume product Fame by handing out perfume samples on Oxford Street in central London during London Fashion Week. This led to 5,000 product samples being handed out in total.

Another way we can create impact is by transporting VIPs and guests, such as celebrities/influencers, to your desired location in a fleet of branded taxis around an event. Delivering VIPs to an event creates excitement and engagement amongst outdoor audiences in London.

Drovo taxi campaign

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Make Sure Your Creatives Are Unmissable for Outdoor Audiences in London

The benefit of on-street advertising is that it’s often at the eye level of audiences, making it difficult for motorists, pedestrians, and shoppers to miss your campaigns. There are more distractions than ever for audiences today, hence brands need to do all they can to captivate the attention of outdoor audiences in London in their campaigns.  

In order to make maximum impact on audiences in the capital, making sure you use an unmissable OOH media format is pivotal. 

Alongside branded taxis, we also offer unique on-vehicle digital advertising screens in London. At Drovo, we are the first to market with this unique DOOH format in the UK. Our double-sided on-vehicle dynamic screens provide maximum exposure for outdoor audiences in London. 

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