Newcastle Taxi Advertising Insights

When it comes to places to run impactful taxi media campaigns in the UK, Newcastle is a city brimming with opportunities.

People love visiting Newcastle for fun-filled nights out and weekends away and Newcastle Airport welcomes international visitors every day, hence the hospitality industry in the region is worth £5.4 billion. The city is also home to two large universities, Newcastle University and Northumbria University with a combined 67,000 students.  

These large audiences and a Premier League football team with a stadium that holds up to 52,000 fans mean there are many ways for advertisers to connect with audiences in Newcastle. 

Here we give our insights into Newcastle taxi advertising as well as other different transit media formats in the city.

Newcastle Taxi Advertising Opportunities 

Newcastle city centre is highly compact and highly concentrated with venues such as pubs, nightclubs, bars, and music venues. The Utilita Arena has a capacity of 11,000 and welcomes the biggest musical acts all year round. 

This compactness and the high foot traffic it creates present major opportunities for brands, and taxi media allows your branded taxi ads to constantly move with audiences in Newcastle in a unique and impactful way. 

Brands can combine their Newcastle taxi advertising with other OOH formats, to supplement and enhance their overall impact on audiences in the city.

Imagine the visual impact of combining poster ads with branded taxis that visit all the side streets and places that are more difficult to access with most OOH formats. 

The city centre presents the possibility for high impression delivery both day and night since the nighttime economy is strong and there is persistently high foot traffic at night.

Taxi advertising in Newcastle offers the very best opportunities for advertisers. At Drovo, we offer taxi campaigns in Newcastle with full wraps, as well as supersides and branded interior tip seats.

With Drovo, brands have the opportunity to run taxi campaigns in Newcastle in tandem with campaigns in other cities. We operate in 13 different UK cities, and we have experience in delivering taxi media campaigns in different cities simultaneously, as we did in London, Manchester, and Birmingham for our Lisa Eldridge beauty brand campaign.

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Metro Station Advertising 

An essential part of Newcastle’s transport infrastructure is the Metro system, which has a total of 60 stops, including in the city centre, suburban areas, and the coast. 

Advertising at Metro stations is another way to connect with more people in Newcastle, but they will be unable to move with your audiences as they go about their everyday lives as you get with taxi advertising campaigns. 

Advertisements on Metro Trains

You can advertise on Metro trains themselves to have an impact on passengers. However, being able to measure the results from advertising efforts on Metro trains is difficult for advertisers.

We believe that advertisers in 2024 need accessible insightful data at their fingertips…

That’s why we came up with our user-friendly proprietary vehicle tracking dashboard to provide advertisers with accessible live data insights into their taxi campaigns. 

The live tracking and reporting elements to our dashboard crucially deliver increased accountability and transparency for advertisers. 

Bus Advertising in Newcastle

Another transit media format in Newcastle available to advertisers is bus advertising. However, not all corners of the city are covered by bus routes, and this affects the potential reach and amount of impressions that can be delivered via bus advertising in Newcastle. 

Large buses cannot fit down smaller roads and tight spaces, and Newcastle is a city with many roads which are difficult to access since the city centre is on a steep hill. 

Hard to reach audiences in such locations can miss out on being exposed to bus advertising. However, you will be able to show your branding to audiences in hard to reach spaces through Newcastle taxi advertising.

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