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Maximise your reach with the UK’s largest network of carbon-neutral out of home moving media

Drovo provides advertisers with the ability to brand black taxis, commercial fleet vehicles, Supper bikes, dynamic digital screens and private vehicles. See your vehicle's locations, distance covered and routes as our algorithms work in real time to provide an accurate likelihood of impressions, reach and overall campaign success.

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On vehicle advertising

Dynamic content

Drovo’s digital screens utilise geo-targeting and programmatic functionality to allow our clients to display their message when, where and how they want to.

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Advertisement on car


Support your campaign with dominations and swarming events: gather your branded vehicles for content capture, event support, sampling events and more.

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Our shadowfencing technology bridges the gap between offline OOH and online engagement, allowing you to directly engage your target audiences in proximity to your branded vehicles through their devices.

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Measure, track, attribute

Measure, track, attribute

Drovo's proprietary and bespoke technology provides unparalleled transparency and visibility of all assets, all available through our client dashboard.

Track your vehicle's locations, distance covered and routes as our algorithms work in real time to provide an accurate representation of impressions, reach and overall campaign success.

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Dynamic digital screens

Our groundbreaking technology provides a unique opportunity to capture the attention of busy city dwellers, on the move. Utilising sophisticated geo-targeting and programmatic capabilities, we enable our clients to customise their message to be seen at the right place and time, with maximum impact.

Our bespoke screens are the perfect way to make a statement, boosting your brand visibility and engagement.

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Driving results for
Drovo advertising on London Taxi

Lasting impressions, not emissions

Drovo is a sustainable out of home advertiser that is 100% carbon neutral. Our technology provides accurate tracking of all your branded assets, allowing all your campaigns to be fully carbon offset, actively contributing to your brand’s sustainability targets.

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Campaign success stories

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Paco Rabanne - Promoting the Fame fragrance

Paco Rabanne

Branding & awareness campaign with Paco Rabanne, promoting the “Fame” fragrance.

  • 4,738,020 impressions
  • 18,065 + miles
  • 7,153+ Drovo driver hours
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UK-Wide Campaign for Anyvan


AnyVan branded luton vans have roamed across the United Kingdom

  • 438,513,747 impressions
  • 748,708+ miles
  • 107,913+ Drovo driver hours
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Hyatt Hotels advertising in London

Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt branded electric taxis will roam the streets of London.

Live Campaign

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