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Our Mission

Driving change in transit media by going the extra mile to make a difference

Drovo Branded Vehicle

For Drivers

We help drivers get more from the hours they spend on the road. Drovo drivers can increase their monthly income and offset their vehicle’s CO2 emissions at zero cost. With no extra driving time required and a seamless, convenient process, drivers can earn more without sacrifice.

For Advertisers

We do more than just out-of-home advertising. Our moving media assets give advertisers access to the UK’s largest street-level audience with fully transparent, real-time campaign tracking. Our innovative technology supercharges campaign ROI whilst helping brands to reach their sustainability goals.

For The World

We’re a UK company with global ambition. And that starts with putting the World first. As the UK’s first carbon-neutral transit media provider, we offset every single campaign mile’s CO2 emissions, encourage electric vehicle adoption and support greener road initiatives.

The road to B Corp


The road to B Corp

At Drovo, we’re on a journey to B Corp certification. We incentivise electric vehicle adoption by paying EV drivers more than regular drivers. We offset the CO2 emissions of every campaign mile driven, allowing us to be 100% carbon neutral. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re always exploring ways to be better, from testing CO2-absorbing paint to non-PVC wrapping that is dissolvable in water.


Driving positive change

Through our community driver network, we put money directly into drivers’ pockets and empower gig economy entrepreneurs. A second income stream helps drivers to pay for fuel and insurance and better their working environment. We also support drivers in switching to electric vehicles through extra payment incentives.

Driving positive change

Our Team

A global ambition

Our growing team is truly global, hailing from Australia, China, Estonia, Hong Kong, Iran, New Zealand, Russia, UK and USA. Our international investors are supporting our expansion into global markets, taking us next to Australia, Germany, France and Saudi Arabia.

  • Artjom Jekimstev

    Artjom Jekimstev

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Jason McInerney

    Jason McInerney

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Behzad Saeedi

    Behzad Saeedi

    Chief Product Officer

  • Hugo Santos

    Hugo Santos

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Katie McIntyre

    Katie McIntyre

    Chief of Staff

  • Margaryta Pugachova

    Margaryta Pugachova

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Keith Yonish

    Keith Yonish

    Partnerships Director

  • Valeria Alekhin

    Valeria Alekhin

    Head of Partnerships

  • Pascaline Millar

    Pascaline Millar

    Senior Account Director

  • David Smith

    David Smith

    Account Manager

  • Jasper Wong

    Jasper Wong

    Account Executive

  • Andres Rodriguez

    Andres Rodriguez

    Vice President of Operations

  • Enrico Zanatta

    Enrico Zanatta

    Operations Project Manager

  • Nick Kotenko

    Nick Kotenko

    Driver Success Manager

  • Kseiina Kozlova

    Kseiina Kozlova

    Product Designer

  • Arman Gevorgyan

    Arman Gevorgyan

    Business Development Associate

  • Sasha Campbell

    Sasha Campbell

    Product Designer

  • Yaqi Liu

    Yaqi Liu

    Graphic Designer

  • Sasha Marmilic

    Sasha Marmilic

    Brand Communications Manager

  • Anika Montanez

    Anika Montanez

    Driver Success Executive

  • Sakura Ly

    Sakura Ly

    Advertising Manager

  • Anh Hoang

    Anh Hoang

    Senior Full-Stack Engineer

  • Cuong Hoang

    Cuong Hoang

    Senior Software Developer

  • Shoang Hoang

    Shoang Hoang

    Mobile Engineer

  • Dieu Bui

    Dieu Bui

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Jo Blake

    Jo Blake


  • Rob Atkinson

    Rob Atkinson


  • Andy Power

    Andy Power


  • Nejc Skoberne

    Nejc Skoberne


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